IDEA Bio-Medical returned from a hugely successful SLAS2014 show

IDEA Bio-Medical returned from a hugely successful SLAS2014 show, where we demonstrated our HCS system (Hermes WiScan), two software packages (Athena and Minerva), and WiSense - our cutting edge solution for measuring liquid volume and temperature in the well during plate preparation and throughout the screening process.  Hermes systems are currently being demoed at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and at San Diego State University in San Diego, CA.  Next week we will demo at University of Maryland.
Hermes is a Fluorescence and Bright Field system, which operates at extremely high speeds of image acquisition, and which generates exceptionally high quality images.  Under certain configurations, it is actually the fastest HCS system in the market (twice the speed of the next fastest system, yet half its price and producing far better images)!  It covers a range of channels (DAPI, CFP, YFP, TRITC/Cy3, mCherry, Cy5) and transmitted light.  It accommodates objectives 2X through 60X, and various sized multi-well plates, slides, dish, and microarrays.  The basic system is priced just over $80K, and five optional packages (High Throughput, Rare Event Detection, Live Cell, Automation, and Full Analysis SW) range from ~$20K to ~$38K each.  Hermes comes with Athena - a software package that includes built-in applications such as Cell-Count, Translocation, cell-cycle, Spheroids and 3D objects, and more (some at additional cost).  Our Analysis software package is called Minerva, and it not only works with images and data generated by Hermes, but also from other sources and in different formats.
Hermes offers the optimal combination of acquisition speed, image quality, ease-of-use, and price. 
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