IDEA Bio-Medical's Sells HCS system to the University of Stuttgart in Germany

IDEA Bio-Medical and Stuttgart University announced today that they have completed the sale of IDEA Bio-Medical’s breakthrough Hermes WiScan® system to the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology at the Stuttgart University, headed by Professor Dr. Klaus Pfizenmaier.

This revolutionary, High-Definition, Automated Cell-Imaging system was designed to serve biomedical scientists that do not necessarily have expertise in microscopy systems.  It is a desktop system that can be easily setup and run a wide range of biological applications at the push-of-a-button, using an extremely easy-to-use (tablet-style) touchscreen mechanism.  The key competitive feature of this system is its laser autofocus, which provides high quality, always focused images, at very high imaging speeds.  Particularly in light of the quality of its images and speed of acquisition, the system is priced very competitively for its Base System and optional packages: Live Cell, Automation, Object Mapping, High Throughput, and Full Analysis Software.

 “From being unknown two years ago, we now boast major customers in the US and in Europe, and are rapidly developing new markets.  Stuttgart University is a strategic achievement as it marks our entry into the German market and paves the road for additional installations.  We see great potential in this market, and have thus far received amazing feedback from potential users across the country,” said Ilan Friedman, Manager of Global Sales and Distribution Channels for IDEA Bio-Medical.

"Our decision to purchase Hermes was based on our wish to perform high content and high throughput phenotypic screening on an automated microscope that is easy to handle," said Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfizenmaier, Head of the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology.

WiScan® technology originated at Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science and at IDEA Bio-Medical’s parent company IDEA Machine Development, and was further developed by IDEA Bio-Medical as part of a commercialization agreement with YEDA – the Institute’s technology transfer arm.


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